About DreamBox

Hi there beautiful people! My name is Mandisa and gifting is my passion & love language πŸ’

Growing up, I was the gift giver of the family. I would go around collecting all my Christmas money from early, so I could run about looking for things that each family member would love.

What made me turn things up a notch was having a wealthy grandfather who could literally afford anything he ever needed, even though he hardly spent a dime on frivolous things. How do you gift a man of that calibre on a 15year old budget?

I remember buying him one of those cheap blinged out watch sets from the flea market back in Trinidad. This man opened the gift, took one look at it and said, β€œGranddaughter, you see this watch I have on my wrist here, that is real diamonds you looking at” πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ˜…

I must say I was slightly appalled! Lol but the following year I had to put my creativity to the test and think outside the box. I made him a framed collage with all his grandkids and he absolutely LOVED it. He was a man who valued home & family, not material gains. Furthermore it was this creative hobby that pushed me into a career in graphic design.

This business was something that I always dreamed of pursuing for the past 10 years! And everytime I got into that space of inspiration, I self sabotaged myself by thinking I did not have the tools, resources or the right people around me to actually get things started.

Unfortunately I lost my grandfather last year, and grandmother a month later during the pandemic and was not able to travel back to pay my final respects. I was absolutely devastated but also enamored by the fact that I could still feel their love and presence in my life.

With their help from the heavens, I have been realigned with my true purpose and now have strength and self motivation to bring #dreamboxgiftsto life today.

To make your friends, family and loved ones feel the same way I made grandfather feel each and every year is my Dream for this business πŸ’›

That in itself brings me SO MUCH JOY!